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Sea of thieves boosting and leveling page.

Welcome to Sea of thieves boosting service. Here you can use leveling price calculator. Select current  desired and level to get correct price. You can also chose what you want to level up (Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, Reaper Bones) To get a discount chose more then one faction . If you chose all 4 factions you will get best discount price

For custom order or some specific questions contact our Live Chat support 24/7.

sea of thieves boosting

Sea of thieves boosting emissary points.

With new update for sea of thieves “The Ships of fortune” they added new faction Reapers bones. And new emissary points system. First of all you need to buy flag from your desired faction merchant at time you will get all 5 flags. Put the flag on the ship and you will represent your favorite faction. The one you need leveling. You will do voyages, forts and normally collect the loot to get your 5 grade to get specifc mission to boost your faction.

100.000 emissary points

100.000 emissary

500.000 emissary points

500.000 emissary

1.000.000 emissary points

1.000.000 emisa

Shrouded spoils is new free event in Sea of Thieves. Unlocking new ship customization, fog, gems, Stronghold barrels. And new titles and commendations : 10 full forts completion, 30 mermaids, 5 skelly crew ships, Megalodon kills. Open product and select what you need for your Sea of thieves boosting.

sea of thieves boosting
sea of thieves boosting

Skeleton forts run



Skeleton forts are the best thing in sea of thieves boosting for gold and faction progression. You need to wait for the fort to activate with skeleton head cloud above the island. It will spawn waves of skeletons until skeleton captain spawned. When you kill the captain you will get the vault key and get treasures from that fort. Order now 3x skeleton forts for 30$. For bigger quantity you will get good discount. Contact our live chat support for any questions.

Athena’s Reputation

Get Legendary chest from Athena’s voyages. You can chose between Forsaken shores the ashen chest or regular chest of legends. The Forsaken shores one gives almost double exp for reputation but its twice harder to do then regular one. Also we can do stolen legendary chest for the commendation.

Sea of thieves boosting
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  • How does the Sea of thieves  boosting work?
  • We will login in on your account and play the game. To finish your order. Selfplay is also posible but its 100% more expensive since we are playing fast and we have knowledge over years   .
  • Payment methods?
  • Currently, we only take PayPal as our main payment method but for bigger order or account sales we do prefer Western Union. And we are adding bank transfer and credit card payment soon.
  • How can we trust you?
  • We are doing booster services for over 3 years we never had bad feedback or refunds. We are strictly proffesional players are doing this for a living.
  • Where are you from?
  • We are mainly from Europe. But we aslo work with people (boosters)from all the world (Australia,America,Asia) we have over 50 active members for every game and platform.
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