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Dead by daylight boosting

Dead by daylight boosting service

Welcome to Dead by daylight boosting page. We offer Blood points farm, Rank boost, Prestige for Survivors and killers. We simply login on your account and boost your needs. Our members play this game since the release. So don’t you worry your account is in good hands.

Dead by daylight boosting

Dead by Daylight blood point farm

We do know as new player its hard to get blood points. Blood points are used for upgrading your character to unlock perks and teachable to get your ultimate survivor or killer perks. So we will help you out with bloodpoints.

Dead by daylight boosting
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Dead by daylight boosting prestige your character. Every character can be prestige 3 times. Unlock all teachable perks, get  bloody cosmetics, and get better items in blood web nodes. Prestige 3 increases chance of getting rare, very rare and ultra rare items. So this works we will get you all 50 levels for prestige. Lets say that you are level 22 we will get to level 50 and prestige and get you to level 22 again. so you get all 50 levels.

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