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Buy save file for Minecraft dungeons PC ONLY. When you purchase you only need to add save file in your character folder. And you have full access to this character like its your own.


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  • How does the Minecraft dungeons boost work?
  • We will add you in game and run you trough high-level missions on Apocalyse mode VI and you will get all the experience, loot, and emeralds. It is the most productive way to level up. It’s much Faster then playing on your account. For the people who are busy and don’t have time to play we can also do a self play order so we will play on your account.
  • Payment methods?
  • Currently, we only take PayPal as our main payment method but for bigger order or account sales we do prefer Western Union. And we are adding bank transfer and credit card payment soon.
  • How can we trust you?
  • We are doing booster services for over 3 years we never had bad feedback or refunds. We are strictly proffesional players are doing this for a living.
  • Where are you from?
  • We are mainly from Europe. But we aslo work with people (boosters)from all the world (Australia,America,Asia) we have over 50 active members for every game and platform.
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