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Buy items for Minecraft Dungeons

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Buy items for Minecraft dungeons is now available. For PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC! From the November update there will be cross platform so we are covering everything. When you purchase an item we will add you as a friend and give you item in camp via gift. Item that you purchase will have power level of your average power level. So if your power level is about 60 item that we gift you will aslo be 50. and so on. For more information contact our live chat support. Items are updated daily!!!

Looking for Minecraft Dungeons boost and power leveling? Here you can safely buy items for Minecraft Dungeons. We offer powerful melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor, and Artifacts. You only need to give us your in-game id and our members will add you in Minecraft Dungeons for item delivery. If some item is currently out of stock or you are looking for some specific item. Please let us know so we can farm it for you. For any questions ask our live chat supports

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