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Buy dinos for ARK

Buy dinos for ark

Buy dinos for ark survival evolved. We are offering to sell items and tames for ark. Yes we know its hard to get good tames. Finding and taming is time-consuming and requires a lot of resources. So you can buy dinos from us and we will deliver them to your base on your server. We are currently doing only PvE servers. Since it’s hard to transfer tames on other servers because of other tribes.

Buy dinos for ark

Buy dinos for ark

You can buy tames for ark on PC, xbox and ps4. No matter if you are on epic games or steam its cross play so we can find you ether way.

Buy dinos for ARK on PC PVE servers.


We will deliver dinos to your server. All dinos come with saddles. All dinos are unleveled so you can spend their points as you like. All dinos have options if you want the original one with 100% imprint or cloned once cheaper version.  Cloned once is all the same but they just don’t have an imprint.

We are adding dino giveaway every friday from now on. For more information check out our :
Buy dinos for arkbuy dinos for arkbuy dinos for ark

Gigantosaurus top stats


Gigantosaurus (clone)

giga 2

Gigantosaurus fertilized egg

Fert eggs

Boss REX


Boss Rex Clone

Rex 2

Boss Rex fertilized eggs

Rex eggs

Boss Megalosaurus


Megalosaurus Fertilized eggs

Fert eggs


X rex

X-REX Fertilized eggs

Rex eggs


Tek Rex

TEK REX Fertilized eggs

Fert egg


mana 2



Argentavis Weight up to 14.000


Argentavis Fertilized eggs

Fert Egg

Snow Owl


Snow Owl Fertilized eggs

Fert Eggs

Blood Crystal Wyvern 

Blood wyvern

Blood Wyvern fertilized eggs

Blood Crystal fert eggs

Ember Crystal Wyvern 


Ember Wyvern fertilized eggs

Ember Eggs

Tropical Crystal Wyvern 


Tropical Wyvern fertilized eggs

Fert Eggs

Tek Quetzal 


Tek Quetzal fertilized eggs

Fert Egg 2480 base weight

Tek Quetzal fertilized eggs

tek quetyz

Zombie Lightning wyvern v1

Zombie lightning wyvern 350

Zombie Lightning wyvern v2

Zombie Lighting wyvern

Zombie Fire wyvern

Zombie fire wyvern



Tropeognathus fertilized eggs

Tropeogantus fert eggs







Velonasaur fertilized eggs

Velonasaur fert egg

Aberrant Ankylosaurus


Aberant Anky fertilized eggs

Fert eggs

Maximum Security


Customer security is our number one priority. Our website uses the best SSL security system to ensure a safe trading place. Also, we are safe from authentication flaws, XSS, insecure direct object references, security misconfiguration, sensitive data exposure, a lack of function-level authorization, CSRF, insecure components, and unfiltered redirects

Professional Team

Boost me

We have the top players in every competitive game. All our players play games for a living for over 10 years and have done hundreds of orders. Every order is done by the hand played by real people, not bots. We don’t use any exploits or game abuse for our boosting services.


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Customer privacy is also really important to us. Every order is top security for us. We don’t share any information about our clients or accounts outside our website. Boosters play in appear offline mode and chat or answer to anyone unless they are instructed otherwise by client.

Buy resource for ark PC Pve

Buy tek for ark PC Pve

Buy Kibble for ark PC Pve


Buy items for ark PC Pve

  • How does the buy dinos for Ark Survival item delivery work
  • We will add you as a friend in game, You will tell us on what server your base is so we can deliver dinos to you. We can arrange somewhere near obelisks.
  • Payment methods?
  • Currently, we only take PayPal as our main payment method but for bigger order or account sales, we do prefer Western Union. And we are adding bank transfer and credit card payment soon.
  • How can we trust you?
  • We are doing booster services for over 3 years we never had bad feedback or refunds. We are strictly professional players who are doing this for a living.
  • Where are you from?
  • We are mainly from Europe. But we also work with people (boosters)from all the world (Australia,America,Asia) we have over 50 active members for every game and platform.
  • Buy dinos for ark our epicnpc link : https://www.epicnpc.com/
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